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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Runner Church?

Runner Church is a community of Christian runners who use running as a platform to help others know and follow Jesus.  Our desire is to encourage and equip our fellow runners to let God work in them to transform their lives for infinite good and work through them to transform the lives of others for infinite good by discovering, embracing, and sharing the Gospel.

What is the purpose of Runner Church?

Runner Church exists to carry out the Great Commandments (love God, love others) and the Great Commission (make disciples) by the power of God to the glory of God.

What Is The Vision Of Runner Church?

Runner Church equips and encourages runners with the “who, when, where, what, how, and why” of turning their passion into their mission. We desire to see every Christian runner actively doing “whatever they can, wherever they are” to share the Good News Of Jesus Christ through running.

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